Finally, a 401(k) for Everyone

Finally, a 401(k) for Everyone

Hey, thanks for visiting our blog. I’m here to talk about subsection 401(k) of the* Internal Revenue Code*. Just kidding, I’m not going to talk about that. What I am going to do is tell all of you small business owners and employees that (I’m imagining a drum roll…) the days of no real retirement plans for small businesses – are over.

We live in a time when great services are making payroll, benefits, and HR easier for small businesses. Our goal at ForUs (now called ForUsAll) is to extend this trend to retirement saving. We’ve reinvented the 401(k) so you don’t have to hassle with an old-world 401(k), mess around with “almost as good” alternatives, or do without.

You deserve the real thing and now finally there is a 401(k) for everyone.

We’re a group of retirement geeks from technology, finance, and academia, and we founded ForUs in the Silicon Valley. It’s the perfect place to design a new kind of 401(k). And by new, we mean a next-generation 401(k) that *actually works *for small business owners and employees. Simple, hassle-free, inexpensive, and cool (really).

Enough about us…

This blog is designed for you — the intrepid small business owner who is out to conquer the world. We want this blog to be a true 401(k) resource worthy of your valuable time! It’s a place you can turn to for inspiration from other incredible small business owners, learn about new ways to run a modern business and also pick-up a little more information about retirement — after all we are retirement geeks and we will geek out on you once in a while (we can’t help it!).

It’s time for a fresh look at how to get all Americans the retirement they deserve. It’s also time for a modern solution — one that helps you and your employees save, while helping you stay focused on running your business. And guess what, as a small business owner you are the secret to achieving this goal.

You can read about ForUsAll in the New York Times.

The time has come for a 401(k) for everyone!