The New Recruiting Rockstar: a 401(k)?

The New Recruiting Rockstar: a 401(k)?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds! We don’t have to tell you that recruiting and retaining a great team is business critical. In a highly competitive talent market, even startups need to think about providing attractive benefits. If you’re a small business owner trying to recruit, you may not realize that now, and without the usual hassle and cost, a 401(k) can help you stand above the crowd and attract top talent.

Employees want it

Top talent expects a 401(k). A recent study by Charles Schwab showed that 87% of employees consider it a must-have benefit. This is especially important for startups, where finding and retaining top talent is often mission critical. And, since startups often recruit from more established companies where benefits are great, it’s easy to imagine the advantage of providing this big company benefit on a startup budget.

It sets you apart

Five out of 6 small companies don’t provide a 401(k) — and judging by what’s traditionally been available — we understand why. But, fast-forward to now and it’s easy for a small business to provide a hassle-free and inexpensive 401(k). And having one of those is a crazy-smart way to stand out in a competitive hiring market.

It creates good vibes

Employees today are looking for companies with a positive work environment and culture. According to Net Impact’s 2012 survey of university students about to enter the workforce, more than 90% say that a positive work environment and culture are essential or very important. Never underestimate good vibes: A 401(k) helps you build a great culture and spotlights your commitment to your employees’ future.

Today’s next-generation 401(k) options make it easy for a small business owner to provide a hassle-free and inexpensive 401(k). And that means a small business owner can finally reap all of these big company recruiting benefits.

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