Top ForUsAll 401(k) Blog Posts of Q3

Top ForUsAll 401(k) Blog Posts of Q3

Hopefully it’s obvious that ForUsAll is committed to producing informative 401(k) and helpful retirement plan resources, and no place is more indicative of that commitment than the ForUsAll 401(k) Blog. We’ve put our investment advisor reps, attorneys, marketing team and even our CEO to work creating solid content for 401(k) plan sponsors. And we’ve also recently invested engineering effort into the blog as well, migrating it from a subdomain to the new URL while making back end technology improvements.

Some of our top posts of the quarter have been very well received, getting highlighted in important HR publications like BenefitsLink, or getting hundreds or thousands of visits. Here are some of the top ForUsAll 401(k) blog posts from Q3.

Top 401(k) blog posts from Q3

401(k) vs 403(b): Differences In Investments, Compliance, and Administration – 403(b) plans used to be the very obvious choice for nonprofits that wanted to offer retirement plans. However, 403(b) plans are not the slam-dunk that they used to be, and many nonprofits are considering switching to 401(k) plans. This post outlines some of the key differences to analyze when deciding if your organization should switch to offering a 401(k) over a 403(b).

Excessive 401(k) Fees – Many small businesses (and their employees) face high 401(k) fees. How high? So high that a lot of 401(k) providers have been sued by their own employees over their plans costs! That’s pretty high. This post also discusses a Yale study that analyzes the impact of high fees on participants’ retirement savings – not to give away a spoiler, but it can be pretty bad. Check out the post to learn more.

Other 401(k) blog posts that we still love

We’ve also got some older blog posts that we still love, like our 401(k) / payroll integration one or our post on “Who are the Best 401(k) Providers for Small Business?.” Both of these are helpful to plan sponsors who are evaluating new 401(k) advisors and technologies. Check them out!